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Helping Workers Recover From Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury can happen in a construction zone, a busy kitchen or an office. No matter how the accident occurred, an injured employee needs to take measures to ensure they are getting the compensation they deserve for their injuries. If you received a workplace injury, there is no guarantee that you will receive the compensation you deserve or the amount you need, but you can improve your odds with the help of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney.

At Hamilton Injury Law Group PLLC, our attorneys have a long history of representing workers in need of help securing the compensation they need after a workplace injury. We know the challenges that come with these claims, and we know how to help our clients earn the best possible outcome in them.

Care And Compassion At Your Side

When you choose us to represent you through your workers’ compensation claim, you will quickly see that we are a law firm that cares about your well-being, and we will not treat you like another case in our filing cabinet. We take the time to identify the details of your injury, determine what methods of pursuing compensation are available and build a strategy that suits your unique needs.

We do not take shortcuts in our work or provide our clients with boilerplate representations. While you are focused on your health, we will manage your case by overseeing the process, filing the necessary paperwork, handling any negotiation or litigation that may arise, and identifying any potential third-party claims.

Let Us Help You Maximize Your Claim

Even if you have a workers’ compensation policy you can expect a payment from, do not make the mistake of leaving money on the table by not seeking an attorney after your injury. Contact our offices in Henderson, Kentucky, and Evansville, Indiana, to schedule your free initial consultation if you are ready to meet with a skilled and compassionate team. Contact us by calling 270-458-3126 in Kentucky, 812-286-3623 in Indiana, or email us to take the first step in securing the compensation you deserve today.