A Personal Approach To Personal Injury

Being in Henderson, we know the value of community. We bring a tight-knit, small-town philosophy to all our clients throughout Kentucky and Indiana. We don't want you to feel like you're just hiring an attorney, we want to make a real connection with each of our clients.

It may sound corny, but we take pride in becoming friends with our clients. We're not just here to see your case through, we're here to help you throughout your life. Some injuries are daunting and will affect you for years, and we'll be here for you the entire time.

Suffering an injury is stressful, frustrating and in some cases, debilitating. We want to take out as must stress as possible by letting you focus on healing while we handle everything else.

We're Known As Litigators

Why is this important? It's not just because we're experienced in the courtroom and ready to fight for you. We are. But our reputation also helps us get you the best settlement. If the insurance company doesn't want to go to court, which is often the case, our reputation as trial lawyers helps us negotiate a settlement.

Our only goal is to get you the best possible result. Whether that's through settlement or trial depends on the case. No matter who you are, we'll represent you in personal injury cases. Why do so many people around town know our slogan? Because when you're hurt and call Curt, we work with you to get results.

Get A Free Consultation

You don't want to be fumbling around for a phone number if you're hurt in an auto accident or any other accident. That's why you only need to remember one thing: Hurt? Call Curt. Call us at 270-844-8205 or reach out to us online.