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Dealing With Injuries Due To A Large Truck Accident?

Semitrailers, 18-wheelers, big rigs and other large trucks are an essential and vital part of American commerce. They transport most items in the United States and are constantly traveling the highways of Kentucky and Indiana. Large commercial trucks also account for many serious injuries and traffic deaths in the Henderson area.

At Curt Hamilton Injury Law, we are a team of Indiana and Kentucky truck accident attorneys that helps clients pursue the compensation they deserve from their injuries. We know how to hold reckless drivers accountable, and we are not afraid to fight for our clients against large law firms and insurance companies. We know the regulations trucking companies need to meet, and we can use those regulations against them if they violate them in your accident.

How To Avoid Truck Accidents

Trucking companies are required to follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations concerning their equipment and their drivers’ hours of service. Commercial trucking companies impose difficult delivery schedules on their drivers to increase profits. Unfortunately, this causes operators to drive long hours in order to meet deadlines, which can lead to wrecks. These accidents can be devastating, but there are ways to avoid them.

Being aware on the road is always your best defense against any sort of traffic accident. We never want to see our friends and neighbors get injured, but we are here to represent you if an accident occurs. Drivers of both passenger vehicles and commercial trucks have a part in avoiding accidents.

Drivers of passenger vehicles should:

  • Avoid truckers’ blind zones
  • Avoid changing lanes abruptly
  • Pass in a safe manner
  • Avoid driving between trucks

Commercial truck drivers should:

  • Have proper training and driving technique
  • Avoid unrealistic schedules
  • Avoid compensation systems that encourage faster driving

These are just a few of the things drivers of both cars and large trucks should be aware of on the road. Safe driving practices can help make all the difference. No matter how safe you may drive around commercial trucks, they may still get into an accident with them.

Common Questions About Trucking Accidents

Our truck accident lawyers have helped many individuals who have been injured in Kentucky and Indiana accidents over the years. We have heard several questions from our past clients, and wanted to address a few of the common concerns here, so that you know more about what to possibly expect with your case.

Why are trucking accidents so serious?

The size of the big rigs increases the potential danger of these accidents. Drivers of passenger vehicles bear the full extent of the force of a trucking accident, and it can lead to significant injuries, including death. Drivers in these cars often have nowhere to maneuver to avoid crashes, which can happen with little to no warning, especially in high-traffic areas.

Should I settle my trucking accident claim?

The factors of your case will help determine the best course of action going forward. In some circumstances, insurance companies may be willing to resolve your claim favorably before trial is necessary. Some may need to go to trial in order to get a fair value. We are prepared for trial when we take your case, and if it becomes necessary, our truck accident lawyers are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.

What are some of the most common types of truck accidents?

Because 18-wheelers are so large, there are many different issues that may lead to accidents. These can include the condition of the trucks involved in the crash, as well as the cargo the vehicles are carrying. In some circumstances, loads may not be properly secured and can shift, which can make the trucks more difficult to control. Large trucks also do not have the ability to make quick, evasive moves like regular passenger vehicles. Additionally, large blind spots may lead trucks to change lanes when it is not clear. Trucks may also have side guards or underride guards, which are designed to keep vehicles from going underneath a trailer. Despite these features, very serious accidents may result to those in passenger vehicles if a collision occurs.

How much is my trucking accident case worth?

Every case is different, because there are going to be different factors in each crash. These factors can include the injuries you have suffered, the amount of medical care needed, as well as the causes that led to the accident. When we meet to discuss your case, we can provide you with a specific idea what to expect about the potential value and timeline of your claim.

Where do trucking accidents most frequently happen?

Truck accidents can happen anywhere, but major roadways such as I-69 and US Highway 41, can be areas where accidents are common. The bridge has also been the site of several serious accidents over the years. Pay attention to other vehicles on the roadways when out driving, and remember to drive defensively around big rigs.

What You Should Do After Being Involved In A Trucking Accident

You need to make sure that you understand your options before talking with the opposing parties about your case. You have one chance to recover the full value of your case. If you settle without speaking to an experienced truck accident attorney, you may find yourself having to deal with the medical expenses of your crash out of your own pocket. Do not make any decisions before talking with someone who knows how to truly evaluate your claim.

What Should You Look For In A Trucking Accident Lawyer

These are serious accidents. The more serious the injuries and medical care involved, the more important it is that you get an experienced attorney on your side. Your attorney not only has to know how to prepare and try these cases, but also needs to make sure to be there for you when you have questions. You want someone you can trust to be your advocate, and care about what ultimately happens to your claim.

At Curt Hamilton Injury Law, our lawyers are right here in your backyard. We are part of this community, and we are happy to help our clients fight back after a serious injury. We are dedicated to holding those responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions. You will get personal attention from your attorneys who will be ready for whatever twists and turns your case may take.

Get The Settlement You Deserve

Because cars are not built to withstand the impact of a truck, truck accidents often result in very severe or fatal injuries. If you or someone you love has been badly injured or has died in a Kentucky or Indiana truck accident, Curt Hamilton Injury Law can help. Call us at 270-458-3126 or email us for your free consultation.