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Representation For Bike And Pedestrian Accident Victims

An accident between two vehicles can be awful, but the vehicles can help minimize the damage with their safety features. For accidents between a cyclist or pedestrian and a vehicle, the person not in the car has little to nothing to protect them. When these accidents happen, the victim needs to receive compensation that can cover the massive cost of their injuries.

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The Risks Cyclists Face

Drivers rarely look out for bicycles on the road while driving. Between other cars, trucks, motorcycles and even road signs, cyclists may be one of the last things they are looking for on the road. As a result of this negligence, it is very easy for a reckless driver to sideswipe a bicycle, hurt a cyclist in a dooring accident or rear-end one when they are not paying attention. These accidents can easily send cyclists flying off their bikes, causing them to suffer severe road rash, broken bones and other catastrophic injuries.

The Dangers Pedestrians Take On

Walking across the street or on the sidewalk is not as safe as we like to think it is. All it takes is one reckless or negligent driver to run a red light or jump the curb and collide with someone walking by. These accidents commonly result in catastrophic injuries with lifelong consequences that can leave the victim with a lifetime of expenses, and the compensation they receive should reflect all of those expenses.

Getting The Compensation You Deserve

If you were injured or as a cyclist or pedestrian, you need to be sure you are getting the compensation you deserve for all of the costs of your injuries. Costs like lost income, loss of earning potential, current and future medical expenses, and pain and suffering should all be a part of your compensation claim. We have the experience and skill to help see that happen.

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