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Five Safety Tips for Bicyclists

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents

Aside from motorized vehicles like cars, semi-trucks, and motorcycles, bicycles are the most common form of transportation using our roads. Cycling is also a great way to exercise. Bicycles are intermingling with much larger and faster vehicles, which entails a high chance of danger. Motorists and cyclists are responsible to help prevent getting severely hurt by major and minor accidents. Curt Hamilton Injury Law has put together some tips to ensure safety and protection for bicyclists on the roads.

Safety Tips to keep in mind:

  1. ALWAYS wear safety gear: Safety gear is essential to reduce injuries in the chance of an accident. Some bicyclists get in severe accidents and safety gear, like a helmet, can prevent severe head trauma. Other safety gear that is highly recommended and bicyclists should invest in are gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and tennis shoes for long-distance and frequent biking.
  2. CONFIRM EYE CONTACT: When a bicyclist is crossing the road or if they are at an intersection, be sure to look directly at the driver and make eye contact before proceeding. Do not move until you are sure it is safe for both parties.
  3. HAND SIGNALS: Unfortunately, most bikes don’t have road signals that make it convenient for others to know where the bicyclists are turning. Bicyclists can command more attention by effectively knowing and using hand signals. These hand signals will let others know when they’re changing lanes, passing, turning, or even changing direction. Your local DMW has a list of universal hand signals that are very helpful.
  4. BE VISIBLE: Many accidents occur due to the lack of visibility depending on the natural light outside. To prevent these accidents be sure to wear bright-colored clothing, reflective gear, and to put lights on your bike. It is highly recommended to stay on roads that are well lit also.
  5. USE THE BIKE LANES: Roads laws have passed to ensure the safety of bicyclists by including a bike lane. Whenever these are available, they are normally on the right side of the roads to avoid large vehicles and to make right turns. If you have bike paths near you, consider changing your route and using them as a safety procedure.

Legal representation after a bicyclist accident

Even the most careful bicyclists get hurt from time to time in wrecks that are caused by negligent motorist drivers. No-fault car insurance is usually available to help pay the costs of medical bills and lost wages while you recover. The coverage on your own automobile, even though not involved in the wreck, might also provide some much-needed benefits if the defendant motorist does not have enough coverage. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a bicycle accident in Indiana or Kentucky, call Curt at 800-231-CURT (2878). We never charge anyone for a consultation or anything else until we win your case. Give us a call today!3