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Workers’ compensation provides extensive benefits after an injury

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Workplace Injuries

Kentucky workers who have suffered a work-related injury should not hesitate to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Since injuries can lead to lost time on the job, medical expenses and the possibility of long-term issues, these benefits can be critical for receiving the necessary care and making ends meet financially.

Understanding the fundamentals of workers’ compensation

Injured workers should know what they are entitled to through workers’ compensation benefits after a work injury. As soon as the worker realizes they have been injured, they should inform their employer. They must then seek medical treatment.

The medical care will be paid for by the workers’ compensation insurer. It will generally last until the worker recovers. Injuries can vary and the severity will determine the extent of treatment. It is imperative to note that a work-related injury does not need to happen at the workplace. A worker who was not at the place of employment but was performing work duties such as picking up supplies and is injured when doing so can receive workers’ compensation.

There are three categories of disability for injured workers: temporary, permanent and total. The family of a worker who suffered a fatal accident can receive death benefits. The injury and the medical prognosis will determine which category of disability benefits the worker will receive.

The amount the worker will be given while injured will hinge on their average weekly wage at the time of the incident. In Kentucky, the injured worker will receive 66 2/3% of their average weekly wage in all three categories. The state’s average weekly wage will also be factored in and can impact the amount received through workers’ compensation.

Injured workers should know their rights and responsibilities

Being injured on the job can cause a litany of concerns. Workers’ compensation is meant to help workers through the difficult time. However, there are inevitable fears that a claim will be denied or there is a dispute about the severity of the injury. It is wise to be prepared to file a claim and know how to maximize benefits. This can be done by understanding rights and responsibilities and complying with guidelines throughout the process.