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4 important summer driving tips

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Summer driving means different things for different people. From more school-aged kids on the roads and vacationer traffic to road trips to unfamiliar territory, roads can quickly become a confusing, crowded place. Unfortunately, more vehicles on the road generally translates to more collisions – often with devastating results.

While every driving scenario is different, numerous factors can help reduce motor vehicle collisions on city streets, county roads and highways, including:

  • Avoid distractions: While this might be sound advice for any time of the year, drivers should avoid distractions during the summer. From crowded traffic patterns to unfamiliar surroundings, a driving distraction during the summer can result in a catastrophic collision. Distractions can involve cell phone use, manipulating a navigation system or eating a snack on the drive home from work.
  • Plan your path: Especially when on vacation or navigating construction zones, it is imperative that drivers fully understand the path they are taking. Removing the stress of unknown coordinates and unfamiliar turns can dramatically reduce collisions.
  • Avoid dangerous driving behaviors: Like the advice about distractions, this is good for any season … but summer drivers must resist the temptation to engage in risky behaviors. This can include speeding, sudden lane changes or piloting a crowded vehicle.
  • Ensure scheduled maintenance is completed: From oil changes and belt replacement to tire pressure and coolant levels, summer drivers must ensure their vehicles are roadworthy. Tire blowouts, engine trouble and vehicle stalls can all make for a dangerous trip during the summer months.

No matter the type of road or the goal of the trip, summer drivers have much to worry about. The roads will likely see additional traffic from out-of-town visitors, out of school students and recreational commuters. It is wise to remain attentive and plan ahead for any trip.