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Why are trucking accidents so deadly?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Large trucks are an essential part of the American economy. Semis allow us to get large quantities of goods to specific locations relatively efficiently.

While truck drivers go through extensive training and have regulations aimed at keeping all motorists safe, trucking accidents still cause many deaths each year.

Here’s what you should know about trucking accidents and what can make them particularly deadly.

Largo loads make for tricky maneuvering

Driving a larger vehicle with a heavy load brings significant obstacles. A long heavy truck takes longer to stop, and if it does not stop in time, it hits other vehicles with a lot of force.

Often, accidents that would be closer to a fender-bender with average vehicles can become deadly with a semi involved. Instead of tapping a fender or a bumper, a large truck may still have significant momentum destroying smaller cars and the people inside them.

Semis are also unable to turn or maneuver quickly, especially if they are not hauling a balanced load. When a driver turns too quickly, the truck can jackknife, or the trailer may fall to the side on neighboring cars.

Dangerous cargo

We need trucks to haul all kinds of materials, even dangerous ones. In addition to having challenges with a large bulky vehicle, the cargo on board may pose specific threats.

When a truck is in an accident, there is more to consider than the damage from the collision. A truck that leaks toxic or flammable substances could threaten more than just the vehicles in the accident.

When you are driving near semis, it is essential to give them plenty of room so they can see you. When you take extra steps to provide semis extra space, it can make everyone’s drive a little safer.