Should I Take A Settlement?

There is no easy answer to this question. We always work to get you the best settlement possible. Going to court is stressful, and we want to recover your losses without bringing you into the courtroom.

We're also experienced, dogged litigators. Attorneys and insurance companies in the region know us as lawyers who aren't afraid of a trial. This is valuable experience, because it can help us get you a better settlement and still avoid a long trial.

No matter the situation, our fees are based on your recovery. We never bill for time, and when you come see us in Henderson regarding your injury, we keep working to get the best results. Whether that comes from a settlement or a trial, depends on the situation. Our only goal is to recover your losses.

Make Sure All Your Medical Costs Are Known

Some of our clients have lingering health concerns from their injuries. In some cases, clients think they are healed, but issues arise later or get worse with time. Once you are given a settlement check for your injuries, your case is closed. That is the amount you get no matter what.

It is important to disclose all your injuries and wait until you are fully recovered medically before recovering your losses financially. If you suffer injuries that will affect you for the rest of your life, we will work that into your settlement.

Questions About Your Legal Options?

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